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Archive List of Other Articles on HUD-Subsidized Prepayments

Dear website visitor:

The following articles are listed for your information. The articles are not currently linked to any files. However, you can access all the NHLP Housing Law Bulletin Articles dated after December 1999 by going to the Bulletin page and selecting the year and month in which the article appeared. We expect that these articles will be linked by the end of August of 2010.

Thank you for your patience.

-NHLP, New York’s Preservation Law Preempted by Federal and State Law, 37 Hous. L. Bull. 88 (April-May 2007)
-NHLP, Federal Circuit Issues Yet Another Significant Cienega Gardens Decision, 37 Hous. L. Bull. 202 (Nov.-Dec. 2007)

-NHLP, New York City Enacts Preservation Purchase Law, 36 Hous. L. Bull. 45 (Feb. 2006)
-NHLP, Courts Deal New Setbacks to Taking Challenges of Federal Housing Preservation Laws, 36 Hous. L. Bull. 145 (Aug. 2006)
-NHLP, A Brief Review of State and Local Preservation Purchase Laws, 36 Hous. L. Bull. 217 (Nov.-Dec. 2006)

-NHLP, Eighth Circuit Affirms Residents’ Victory in Missouri Demolition Case, 35 Hous. L. Bull. 201 (Sept. 2005)

-NHLP, Exit Tax Relief Sought By Housing Advocates Begins to Take Shape, 34 HOUS. L. BULL. 6 (Jan. 2004)
-NHLP, Tenth Circuit Allows Section 236 Prepayment Over HUD Objections, 34 HOUS. L. BULL. 73 (Apr. 2004)
-NHLP, Illinois Establishes Tenant Purchase Option for Properties Terminating Federal Programs, 34 HOUS. L. BULL. 150 (July 2004)
-NHLP, NHT Study Documents Affordable Housing Losses, 34 HOUS. L. BULL. 161 (Aug. 2004)

Older articles (1997-2001)
-NHLP, HUD Multifamily Inventory Awaits Decisions, 27 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 139 (Sept. 1997).
-NHLP, House and Senate Settle on HUD Funding for FY 1998, 27 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 156 (Oct. 1997).
-NHLP, HUD Provides Improved Data on Section 8 Projects Via the Internet, 27 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 201 (Dec. 1997).
-NHLP, New HUD Guidelines for Section 8 Contract Renewals and Opt-Outs, 28 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 8 (Jan. 1998) (guidelines for FY '98 expirations).
-NHLP, Why Does the Section 8 Budget Estimate Keep Changing?, 28 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 80 (May 1998).
-NHLP, HUD Funds for Tenant Outreach and Training Finally Available, 28 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 84 (May 1998).
-NHLP, Important New Laws for HUD Multifamily Housing, 28 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 191 (Oct./Nov. 1998) (reviews relevant provisions of FY ‘99 HUD Approps Act).
-NHLP, HUD’s Fair Housing Duties and the Loss of Public and Assisted Housing, 29 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 1 (Jan. 1999).
-NHLP, New Preservation Proposal Introduced in Congress, 29 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 52 (March 1999) (describing Vento-Ramstad bill, H. R. 425 (106th Cong. 1st Sess. 1999)).
-NHLP, Preservation Crisis Mounts: HUD and Congress Respond, 29 HOUSING LAW BULLETIN 67 (April 1999).
-NHLP, HUD Issues Guidance for FY 2000 Enhanced Vouchers, 30 HOUS. L. BULL. 64 (May 2000).
-NHLP, Senate Considers New Preservation Legislation, 30 HOUS. L. BULL. 103 (July 2000).
-NHLP, Preserving Federally Assisted Housing at the State and Local level: A Legislative Tool Kit, 29 HOUS. L. BULL. 183 (Oct. 1999) (survey of state and local preservation initiatives).
-NHLP, HUD Issues Final Rule on Tenant Organizing, 30 HOUS. L. BULL. 113 (Aug. 2000).
-NHLP, California Adopts Improved Notice Requirements for Federal Housing Conversions" 31 HOUS. L. BULL. 14 (Jan. 2001).

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