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Resident Engagement in Policy Development

Resident Engagement Group

NHLP launched an exciting new initiative, Dialogues for Change: Engaging Residents of Federally Assisted Housing in HUD Policymaking. The initiative was a response to Secretary Donovan's welcome desire for meaningful input from residents as HUD formulates new policies. Working with national housing advocates and Housing Justice Network members from around the country, NHLP has recruited a representative group of public housing tenants and their partners and a representative group of voucher participants and their partners to engage with Secretary Donovan and HUD senior staff to discuss the Administration’s proposal to transform rental assistance and revitalize public housing. For more information about that proposal and residents’ responses click here.

Public housing tenants, voucher participants and HUD-assisted multifamily tenants who have been engaged in responding to the proposals have formed an informal group called the Resident Engagement Group (REG). This group meets via telephone conference calls periodically to discuss federal housing policy. In the past year, REG developed letters responding to the various proposals to transform rental assistance. For copies of those letters, click here.

You are welcome to browse the NHLP website, which has information about many low income housing issues. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the materials, access to some documents is limited to Housing Justice Network members.


National Low Income Housing Coalition NLIHC is dedicated to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes have affordable and decent homes.

National People’s Action NPA is a network of community power organizations that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda.

National Alliance of HUD Tenants NAHT is a membership organization of resident groups advocating for lower income families in privately-owned, HUD-assisted multifamily housing.


Dialogues for Change - Resident engagement in HUD policy making
The National Housing Law Project (NHLP) video, “Dialogues for Change: Resident Engagement in HUD Policy Making” documents how public housing, voucher and Section 8 tenants have come together to engage HUD concerning key housing policy issues. Told in the residents’ own words, the video is a testament to their commitment to improving low income housing policy, advancing tenants’ rights, and empowering other residents to advocate for change.

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