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Basic Guides to Preservation Advocacy

NHLP has published the following guides designed to help federally subsidized tenants whose homes are threatened take action to preserve them. Even if the program or the challenges are not identical to those you face, they may be useful in outlining general strategies. Please note that some of these guides are only available to members of the Housing Justice Network.

Mortgage Maturity Toolkit
Created in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Public Law Center and Public Counsel, this is a practical guide to advocacy on behalf of unassisted tenants in buildings with a maturing mortgage or expiring use restrictions.
The guide is also available in Spanish or Korean.

Challenging Conversions of Federally Assisted Housing
This guide provides basic information for addressing the threatened conversion of privately owned HUD-subsidized and Section 8 assisted developments. It includes specific suggestions for action steps that housing advocates and public interest lawyers can take when addressing the conversion threat in their community or at a particular property.

Challenging Conversions of Federally Assisted Housing in California
In addition to the above information, the California version of the guide includes specific information about California resources and laws designed to preserve federally assisted housing in the state.

Advocate's Restructuring Guide
This guide describes the Mark to Market restructuring process for advocates working with tenant organizations. It provides background on the program and a description of what advocates need to know to get started working on properties subject to Mark-to-Market review. The guide covers how to prepare for outreach, select properties, gather resources, what to do at each step in the restructuring process to assure effective tenant participation, and the expedited process for certain properties not subjected to a complete restructuring (“Mark-to-Market Lite”). Appendices include a check list, flow chart, glossary and sample tenant survey.

Save Your Home!
This guide for residents of privately owned federally supported housing explains the challenge of preserving properties facing expiring use restrictions by reviewing some of the basic issues and initial action steps tenants can take. Although it was published in 1990 to take advantage of special preservation opportunities under federal programs that no longer operate, some of the basic issues and action steps remain useful for tenants facing conversions today.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Take Control!
This is a guide for residents to the basics of the federal Title VI preservation program established by the now-superseded Low-Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act.

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