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NHLP's Housing Justice Network

Enjoy the benefits of free membership in a dedicated community of professionals who serve on the front lines of the fight to advance housing rights for poor people through NHLP’s Housing Justice Network (HJN). The HJN is an informal network of more than 700 experienced housing advocates and clients from throughout the country.

Legal services attorneys, housing advocates, and tenant leaders: HJN membership is your “ear to the ground” in identifying emerging issues and keeping abreast of proposed regulatory and legislative changes. With other HJN members, you can stand with a like-minded community of professionals to raise a meaningful voice on important policy issues.

The Tremendous Benefits of HJN Membership:

HJN’s very active listserve forums provide members with instant resources in confronting complex housing situations and emergent issues. Your membership on the HJN listserve will provide you with instant access to the best legal minds in the country for important peer-to-peer learning and litigation support.

Listserve Archives. HJN members can access the HJN listserve archives and do searches on topics and issues that have been discussed on the listserve. The archives are available to HJN members here.

HJN Working Groups engage in policy advocacy and litigation support on forefront issues related to the federally-assisted housing programs, single family home foreclosures, fair housing, and disaster response.

HJN National Meeting: Approximately every eighteen months, HJN convenes a two-day national meeting to discuss current and emerging issues, hear from national policymakers, and develop a policy advocacy agenda.

The online NHLP Resource Center allows HJN members access to a wealth of restricted documents on this website that relate to major housing initiatives, housing statutes and regulations, cases, and document libraries.

There is no cost to join.

Membership in HJN is open to those who regularly represent low- and very-low income persons and households on housing issues. Typically, HJN members are attorneys or other housing advocates who represent low-income residents and homeowners in judicial, administrative or legislative proceedings.

To join HJN, please complete the registration form. We will review your eligibility and inform you of our decision.

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