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Resource Center

Welcome to the NHLP Resource Center

For more than 40 years, the National Housing Law Project (NHLP) has focused its activities primarily on those housing programs that serve the needs of very low-income households and on the rights of the residents in that housing. NHLP has done so through a series of initiatives that focus on the operation, maintenance, and preservation of federally assisted housing and on advancing the rights and interests of its residents.

About the Resources Featured Here

NHLP’s Resource Center provides background and materials on the initiatives that we are currently pursuing or that we have recently completed. Each initiative is listed in the menu on the left. Within each initiative, you will find:

• an introduction that provides some basic background information
• references to rules and regulations that govern the program issues within each initiative.
• other materials, such as cases and articles, on the pertinent issues within each initiative

Please note that not all the materials are accessible to the public. Some materials are only available to registered users. To register please click here.

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