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Our Services and Initiatives

NHLP works to achieve its mission through public policy advocacy and by providing legal and technical assistance, training, publications, and resources to a broad audience of housing attorneys and affordable housing advocacy organizations. Our initiatives focus on issues that will have the greatest impact on the housing rights of the poor.

NHLP provides its services directly to attorneys and nonprofits and does not represent or advise individuals. If you are an individual tenant, homeowner, or homeless and need help, please check our resource list to find an organization to assist you with legal or housing problems.

Our Services

Policy Analysis and Advocacy
Policy advocacy is a core component of NHLP’s work. NHLP policy advocacy efforts include monitoring proposed and existing policies and programs at the federal, state and local levels and preparing and disseminating analyses of proposed policies. We help advocates represent their clients before legislative and administrative bodies and make direct presentations to legislative and administrative bodies. Policymakers often request NHLP’s assistance in evaluating the impact of proposals and programs on the poor. Through our policy work, NHLP keeps abreast of emerging trends and regularly shares federal policy developments with housing advocates throughout the nation.

Co-counsel and Other Litigation Assistance
On select cases with potential for high impact in the development of housing law or affecting large numbers of low-income households, NHLP is available to participate in litigation with local attorneys as co-counsel, amicus curiae, or in an advisory capacity. Please review our initiatives to become acquainted with NHLP’s current focus areas.

NHLP provides an array of publications and resources for housing advocates. NHLP is author of HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights, a comprehensive legal manual on the rights of residents of the federally assisted housing programs, and the Housing Law Bulletin, available by subscription, ten times a year. Articles appearing in the Bulletin describe innovative ideas and other new developments in the low-income housing field, including new cases, legislation and agency activities. You can look at our past Bulletins under the Publications & Training button on the Navigation Bar, or you can look at a sample Bulletin. In addition, NHLP releases periodic publications on emerging issues and specific areas of low- and moderate-income housing law. Please review a list of our publications and access our Housing Justice Network.

Focus areas include:

• Preservation of federally assisted housing, including project-based Section 8 and public housing
• Voucher utilization, laws and policies related to housing assistance voucher program
• Rental Assistance Demonstration program
• Public housing plan requirements
• Housing protections under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other domestic violence housing issues
• Foreclosure rights and protections of tenants and homeowners, including the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act and the California Homeowner Bill of Rights
• Reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities
• Housing rights of immigrants and people with limited English proficiency
• Promoting best practices in fair housing and equitable community development
• Strategies for preserving USDA’s rural rental housing
• Compliance with HUD’s Section 3 requirements to create jobs and economic opportunities

Consulting Services
NHLP provides affordable, fee-based housing legal consulting services to public agencies, associations, affordable housing developers, and housing organizations seeking assistance in developing, reviewing or training staff on low income housing legislation, policies, or programs, especially federal housing law and policy. With more than forty-five years of experience in federal housing law and employing attorneys with more than 150 years of cumulative housing law practice, NHLP has a breadth of knowledge not otherwise readily available. In addition, NHLP attorneys are experienced trainers and can provide customized on-site or web-based training.

Specific areas of expertise include:

• Preservation of federally assisted housing
• Public housing plan requirements
• Tenants’ rights and protections under the Rental Assistance Demonstration program
• Housing rights of victims of domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
• Reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities
• Language access requirements for federally assisted housing
• Rights of tenants and homeowners affected by foreclosure
• Rural housing programs under USDA
• Compliance with HUD's Section 3 requirements to create jobs and economic opportunities

If your organization is in need of training or consulting help from the nation’s experts in federal housing law, please contact our Executive Director Marcia Rosen ( for more information

Housing Justice Network
NHLP sponsors the Housing Justice Network (HJN), an informal network of more than 700 experienced housing advocates and clients concerned with advancing housing justice for poor people. HJN members participate in peer learning through list serves and working groups and have members-only access to special resource materials on this website.

Assistance to California Legal Services Programs and Attorneys

NHLP receives funding from The State Bar of California under the IOLTA and Equal Access Fund programs to serve as a statewide support center to the California’s legal services programs and attorneys. As a support center, we provide training, technical assistance, and litigation and advocacy support on issues related to the federal housing programs. Under the Equal Access Fund program, we assist legal services programs in advancing rights of persons with disabilities to reasonable accommodations in federally assisted housing and in representing the interests of tenants and residents organizations in the mandated public housing planning processes. If you are part of a California legal services program, you can contact NHLP to ask for legal and technical assistance.

Technical Assistance for Department of Justice Grantees:

NHLP provides training and technical assistance to grantees of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women programs on the housing rights of survivors of domestic violence. DOJ grantees seeking assistance should call or e-mail our staff persons working on domestic violence issues:

Karlo Ng
Phone: (415) 546-7000, Ext 3117

General Services Requests for Assistance from Outside of California:

NHLP has a limited capacity to respond to service requests from attorneys and advocates outside of California. Generally, our help can be offered on a selective basis depending on our available funding to pursue a specific issue. To understand whether your help request falls within NHLP’s current focus areas, please review our current initiatives and our staff directory

NHLP’s Current Initiatives

NHLP’s work focuses primarily on the needs and rights of residents of federally assisted housing, generally the poorest people in our county. Most of these households have incomes of less than $10,000 per year, and they are overwhelmingly elderly, persons with disabilities, and female-headed households with children. Our major initiatives focus on affordable housing issues that have the greatest impacts on low-income people and that advance the right to housing.

Our Current Initiatives:

Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative
Foreclosure Avoidance for Rural Homeowners of USDA-Financed Housing
Public Housing: Preserving Homes and Protecting Residents
Preservation of HUD and USDA Rental Housing
Housing Rights of People with Disabilities
Housing Rights of People with Limited English Proficiency
Housing Protections for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence

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